Taplin-Weir Clarinet Bells are available in two design styles, AM and EU.
Our AM style bells use a traditional metal ring at the top tenon and a light single-wire protective ring at the large end which protects the wood and allows a focused resonance.
Using a design exclusive to Taplin-Weir, our EU style bell is built of a single piece of wood with a hidden protective tenon ring and no metal ring at the large end for a completely unrestricted resonance.



The acoustical dimensions of the Taplin-Weir clarinet bells are the result of extensive research. Engineered to fit most standard professional clarinets, Taplin-Weir bells can offer a significant tonal improvement

Prices: (US dollars)
Grenadilla Bells - AM style Metal Rings $335
Exotic Wood Bells - AM style Metal Rings $360
EU style Hidden Ring Grenadilla Bells $385
EU style Hidden Ring Exotic Wood Bells $410

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